Mail Software

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Much of the software I've written over the years has been required to process email in one form or another. Ranging from reverse-engineered X.500 to cc:Mail gateways, to interface and summary software for email to SMS gateways.

A natural consequence of all this work is a collection of mail-based tools and utilities that I've written over the years to address certain specific needs

Email Tools

  • rfrm: Replacement for Elm's frm This program replaces and extends the functionality of the handy Elm frm(1) command for printing summaries of mailbox files.
  • Procmail whitelist tool (pending) This tool enables the easy creation of a flexible whitelist that can be used to ensure senders are identified early in procmail processing to avoid misidentification by anti-spam systems.
  • Pathfilter - MTA path-verification plug-in (pending) This plug-in, currently developed to work with Exim, provides a configurable level of verification to mail handling paths (Received headers) for protecting intranet resources such as mailing lists.

Also on this page is another collection of thoughts that I keep up to date with. This is my `What would I do if I were a virus writer' thoughts page. It would probably be best if none of them actually read this page.

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