Gledden Tour 1998
China / Japan

During November and December of 1998 I spent three weeks overseas with a group of twenty other penultimate year engineering students and an academic from Civil Engineering, Dr Liang Cheng. The purpose of the trip was to allow callow engineering students a spot of world travel and the opportunity to see a variety of engineering end-products.

The itinerary for the 1998 Gledden Tour included a brief stopover in Hong Kong, ten days in Greater China, and a further ten in Japan. A quick summary of the travel on the trip would run something like this: Perth to Hong Kong, a night and some shopping there. Flight to Beijing, train to Yi Chang, flight to Shen Zhen, flight to Tokyo, trains all over the place including Nagoya and Kobe. The final flight home from Tokyo dog-legged through Hong Kong again. A blistering place is evident when you put the trip into a a couple of sentences, and it wasn't a great deal more relaxed in person.

These webpages are laid out in a rough tree with the photographs scattered through a description of places and activities. All of the pictures are placed in the page as thumbnails and linked to larger images, all the pictures are my own unless noted otherwise.

Gledden Tour 1998 Locations

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