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Photographic collections and contributions by the members of rattus.net.

Abstract Games:
Reviews and photography of interesting abstract games.

Collections of music and music-related information.

Hardware and software that have inspired or entertained.

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Google, Deja Google,

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Dilbert, Userfriendly, Goats.

News Sites: The Register, The Inquirer, Slashdot, ABC News, New York Times.

About: The rattus.net site provides a web presence for a number of personal projects that have grown over the years. In addition, it provides a space for the rattus.net members to showcase the visible results of their interests.


Gledden Tour: This tour of China and Japan in 1998 involved 20 Engineering students from the University of Western Australia. It resulted in several hundred photos, descriptions, and experiences of the people and places visited.

Hong Kong

Photo Collections: A collection of occasional photography by the rattus.net members, organized into sections with some comments.


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